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Don Drew - brainstorming methodology

Brainstorming is more than an exercise; it is an art. It is analogous to a perceptive coach with an ability to prepare his or her athletes to produce an optimum and unhampered performance. The undisputed key to the greatest success in brainstorming is the creation of an environment that inspires the optimum mental state for creative-reactive thought in its participants.




The likelihood of success is far greater when a prevailing feeling of unencumbered, uninhibited, judgment-free input exists. After all, under the right circumstances, using this Don Drew - ideas in innovationtechnique, a single unique idea could potentially be generated that is worth many millions of dollars to your company.

The connected outpouring of ideas, through participation by group members can influence unique new ideas in each other that they otherwise would not have had individually.

We establish and work with brainstorming groups to optimize innovative idea generation.


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