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Business and Employee Innovating


Don Drew - employee innovation



We coach the owner and/or Management on creating and implementing an environment where innovation becomes established as an ongoing strategy to take your company from in the pack, to on top of the pack:




(a) Creating an outwardly aimed system that makes your outreach to potential clients reflect a cutting-edge, innovative and value-added image that generates ongoing interest and appeal.

(b) Creating an inwardly aimed system that teaches your management and especially your specialized employees how to be innovative and open-minded at their jobs, in Don Drew - succesfull innovationtheir tasks, departments, etc, AND most importantly to profit bursts, how to be alert to breakthrough ideas that could be the next giant step forward for the entire company.

(c) Creating/implementing a strong but straight-forward strategy, and policies, that inspire new ideas, a system for reward for ideas affecting growth, and other critical steps to establish this new approach and value system, so it becomes more than a concept or vision statement.