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Create New Markets through Innovation


Don Drew - create new marketsCreating a whole new market or niche path through innovation increases and creates customer interest, attention and loyalty, and powers your reputation.

By developing a simple strategy to build a creative environment within your company, inspire creative ideas and thought from your own staff, and initial product development expertise, you will be insuring your company growth over time.   

Numerous companies like 3M are leaders for a reason. They are 100% innovation-driven. They do not sit with the status quo, or the traditional way they made money in the past. They instill innovation in their staff, and every aspect of their business, and they never stop moving forward, and being open to their next great innovation—even if that innovation leads them towards an entirely new market.



Hot Thoughts:

Although, Domino Pizza’s pizza was not really better than anyone else’s, they fulfilled their client’s need for saving time at dinner, by being the first to innovate an offer of “30 minute delivery or free guaranteed” (standing out from their competitors at the same time). The result was a huge market-share and profit growth.


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