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Don Drew volunteer opportunities Care Unlimited Program:
Non-profit organization for the recognition and growth of volunteerism in Canada. Created, designed, marketed, promoted, and developed all copy.
Visit Care Unlimited.

Electronic Innovation

Don Drew innovations in sound

Volume Leveler Technology:

Automatic volume level control designed to set and maintain constant comfortable hearing level taking ambient noise into consideration, Home Entertainment/Personal



Don Drew - electronics-innovation


Automotive Car Care Reminder (patent pending) reminds automobile drivers of car repair and upkeep


Memories Innovation:


Don Drew - innovative brain development (in progress) provides a means of entertainment, bonding & sharing to pre-teen children
Night-Club Sound Innovation
Don Drew Sound innovation (in development) provides enhanced night club listening pleasure for clients

Sport Innovation

Don Drew - sport innovation

All New Sport:

Blue Ocean innovation in team sport with new ball, player equipment and scoring concepts


Extreme Cold wear Innovation

Don Drew - extreme cold weather wear Patented Blue Ocean innovation in extreme cold-weather warmth

Bldg Supplies Innovation

Don Drew - innovation in  construction Blue Ocean innovation in Renovation Building Supplies used by professionals and novice handymen

Consumable Innovation

Don Drew - Innovative drinks

Blue Ocean Beverage Mix:

Targeting work-break enjoyment, satisfaction and treating oneself
Blue Ocean Diet Treat:

Niche in weight loss market, with treat in innovation area and product


Game Innovation

Don Drew Family Games Innovation


Game creation targeting close-friends and/or family that are lead to make fun of one another with bizarre fill-in-the-blank answers
Visit BullRoar Website


Blue Ocean Fashion Accessory Innovation

Don Drew - Fassion Innovation

FLion Sportswear:

"guywear" with an innovated sport-casual cross-shirts

Green Innovation
Don Drew - Green Innovation
Energy Ramp:
Trucks through weight generate Energy moving over ramps
Green Lighting:
roughly 50% electricity savings for large scale buildings/warehouses
Prefab Houses:
Inexpensive, quick-build pre-fab houses for underprivileged countries using rice-husks (water and fire proof)

Medical Innovation

Don Drew - Medical Innovation

Sciatic Lower Back Pain Innovation:

Mechanical device


Industry Specific

Don Drew - industry Innovation

Rust Innovation:

(in testing) blue ocean innovation developed for specific niche solution use



Music-Innovation WITH dON dREW
Jazz CD Album:
Song writing, production and album design
Original music composed for artist CDs, You Tube, etc.