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Product Innovation


The most dramatic, and most rapid of profit-growth areas for a company is the research and development of new breakthrough innovation products. Unfortunately, it is the most profitable because it is the most challenging area. Some innovations of new products are patentable intellectual property where your company owns the rights. Some new product innovative product developmentadvancements are extremely innovative and yet are not patentable because they are not a completely new way of doing things (see “patents”), but still can dramatically capture client’s attention, and catapult a company to incredible growth and wealth.


We specialize in developing what you want, to fulfill your specific company’s needs. Our approach is always to first get a specific idea of what you want to achieve, your present path, and potential avenues of new and/or additional directions.


Of course the trick is to create products that are either “cutting edge” creating new demand or a new solution to an existing problem where there is substantial need or demand. Many of the greatest innovative products/innovations have come from employees working within a company, finding a better way to do something, or seeing (sometimes stumbling onto) a completely unique direction.


An innovation-based company can create a structure that inspires this innovative openness to new ideas, while others create an environment that inspires boredom and monotony…


Licensing Patented Innovations:

concept innovation A major source of profit for growth companies is through the “licensing” of their innovation to other companies to use to make with their own label on it. If your company is lucky enough to own one or more of these types of innovation, it is extremely lucrative, especially if your innovation is of use to the major corporations in a given industry (examples of this type of innovation within one industry direction are 3M’s “Thinsolate” IP, which is used in numerous branded winter-wear products, and “GORE-TEX” of W.L. Gore & Associates, which many brands license to use in their winter glove offerings. Disney is another example of a company that licenses the use of their cartoon images to companies producing games, dolls, toys, etc.)


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