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Service Innovation


Innovation of services is much like innovating products, especially if providing service IS your product. Where there is a common and ‘usual’ approach, there is an opportunity for innovation, and an opportunity to be preserved as THE innovative service-provider in your market. Don Drew - innovation in services


Again, finding the client types and innovating new niches and directions for your service or a very similar service that you could be providing in your present, related, or completely different niche potentially could rocket your company into a far greater profit potential. Many times, this innovation addition can be put into play with limited additional expense and distraction.


Again, first understanding your directional goals as a company, followed by developing innovation areas that would most dramatically affect your image growth, differentiation and profit growth would be done, followed by a tailor-made step by step plan of implementation.


Don Drew - develop innovationDeveloping and inspiring innovation within your company is critical in conjunction with rolling out a plan to construct and deliver on a new innovative image for your company throughout your target market—and make it last. Once you have put into place steps to establish an atmosphere of innovation within your company, you will have opened up the most powerful area of future company growth—employee generated innovation and IP—profit-making ideas from people working for and immersed in your business.


BUT, unless a truly open-minded, supportive, and acknowledgement based innovation system, for employee creative input, is effectively put in place, there will be no buy-in, by your employees, and absolutely no growth or gain in that area.


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