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STAND OUT! With Innovation.


Standing out (or “differentiating” your business) from your competition, is at the heart of innovation strategy, and is definitely one of the most challenging tasks for any business.  


As discussed under the “Innovation” headings, we work with you to begin to incorporate open-innovation to all aspects of your business. There is automatically an associated differentiation that becomes an obvious bi-product of the above mentioned development. In some areas it may be less Don Drew - Stand out through Innovationnoticeable than others, but each area, contributes to building the whole progression.


However, a main focused underlying strategy and awareness of your company’s strongest differentiation appeal, is critical in order to generate and power the greatest benefit from your market brand and image.  Some companies have established a reasonable “memorable” image, which can be focused and strengthened, while we work with other businesses to establish this image in their market for the very first time. The result in either case, done effectively, is always profound to your clients, and effects profit, word-of-mouth, and loyalty growth.


All of the innovation work we do with businesses, regardless of their market situation or positioning, is always performed with the greatest opportunities, to differentiate your company from your competition, in mind.



Hot Thoughts:

Although computer sales is a saturated market with relatively low profit margin, Dell jumped into the business and differentiated themselves standing out from their competitors by creating an on-line computer sales and delivery business, and flexible ‘build your own packages’, that cut out the middleman, and was able to offer lower costing, and make a higher profit.  


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