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The Innovative Mind


innovation mindsetsIn my own case, for the first few years I was always the child at the back of the class, lost in thought, with his mouth open. It wasn’t until years later that I developed into the advanced level of being lost in thought (without the mouth open). Either way, as is common in cases like mine, I was unable to concentrate on much of what was being taught in classes, or in studies at home. Many years later, one of the popular catch-all labels that began to be applied to a wide variety of rapid thought activity, was “A.D.D., (Attention Deficit Disorder).


It always seemed interesting to me, that ‘rapid thought’ was associated with the word “disorder”. However, there was a close descriptive link in the A.D.D. term’s reference to “one’s mind racing from one thought to another often making organization, attention and common task focus extremely difficult…


the mind of an innovatorAs one with this thought-mode desperately attempted to focus on a teacher’s lesson, there was always a constant underlying nagging fear that one small word from the teacher’s lips, could initiate a sudden mind-leap from the classroom to another world, where inquisitive visual ponderings lead from one to another, often as in a caffeine-induced hurray to meet one another, quickly mingle, introduce others, then race off, possibly returning later to say hi, and interact with whoever is around.


Each time these thought “firings” occur, it is the product of one original spark inspired by a word, phrase, visual, occurrence etc,, that suddenly shifts the mind to a related but divergent mental picture that begins a process of numerous imagined mutations, variations, ‘what-if’ connections, and jumps of logic, on its way along its unpredictable interest-driven path. An analogy to this process might be an internet group chat room, where from one posted opinion, comes a burst of related thoughts that quickly morph without boundary to different ideas and issues, unusual connections, and completely different topics.



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